Research & Development

Geraghty Consulting are strong proponents of farm systems research where the evaluation of new technologies is carried out in a farm setting with the close collaboration of farmers. Over twenty-five years of expertise has been gained in field trial design, management and evaluation.  Hands on experience has extended to laboratory and greenhouse trials, data collection and analysis. On-farm research trials have been conducted in the following areas:

  • comparison of cultivation systems
  • plant protection product evaluation
  • integrated disease, weed and pest management
  • genetically modified crop performance

Desk studies have been conducted for clients in a wide variety of areas including the amendment of waste products to agriculture, biological and cultural control of pests and diseases, climate change and crop production, feasibility of growing new and diverse crops, and invasive weed management.

If you need assistance conducting research on new products, systems or practices in agriculture we have the necessary experience to help you.