Invasive Weeds >>>

Geraghty Consulting have over two decades experience in the identification, management and control of a wide range of plant species that encroach on agricultural cropping systems. Significant yield losses and environmental damage can result from weed infestation. Custom designed weed control programmes are developed for on-farm, environmental or amenity needs. Cost effective integrated weed management programmes will:

  • accurately identify the weed species
  • investigate the origin and development of weed problems
  • use a range of cultural control methods
  • adopt cost effective herbicide usage

In the general environment invasive plant weed species are also causing increased problems along roadsides, waterways and waste areas. They compete with native species, cause soil erosion, and can undermine foundations for roads, pathways and buildings. Some can even be quite dangerous to human health.

The species detailed are listed as invasive weeds in the Control of Aquatic Invasive Species and the Restoration of Natural Communities in Ireland (CAISIE) – European Commission Life+ Programme.

Giant Hogweed
Himalayan Balsam
Japanese Knotweed

If you have a problem with invasive weeds in your local authority area, on club grounds or a private property that you manage, call us for professional assistance and service.