Soil Management

On continuous tillage land soil organic matter (SOM) levels have decreased by up to fifty per cent in the last twenty-five years. Excessive cultivation reduces soil organic matter levels and ultimately costs the farmer money. International research results support the view that we need to minimize the volume of soil disturbed during field preparations and only disturb the amount of soil necessary to establish our crops. If we adopt reduced tillage systems we will conserve soil organic matter(SOM) levels.

Importance of SOM
Improving SOM will increase water infiltration, improve soil fertility, reduce soil erosion, minimize soil compaction, improve water quality, decrease carbon emissions, impede pesticide movement and enhance overall environmental quality. Sustainable and profitable crop production will require improved soil management skills with an emphasis placed on building soil organic matter levels.

We have proven expertise in introducing sustainable soil management practices on farms and use best international practice to help farmers develop locally appropriate systems and techniques to do this.