Pesticide Use

The Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulations, were introduced on the 17th May 2012. The relevant statutory instruments set out guiding principles surrounding pesticide sale, storage and use. Commonly referred to as the the SUD, the first instrument (S.I. 155) makes provision for the establishment for a register of approved advisors and distributors for plant protection products. It also establishes the requirement to follow best practice to ensure that agri-chemicals are being used as part of an integrated management programme on farms, amenity or in public areas. A second instrument (S.I. 159) outlines requirements for the importation, storage, sale and distribution of pesticides.
S.I. 155 of 2012 – Sustainable Use of Pesticides
S.I. 159 of 2012 – PPP Sale & Distribution

All legislation and associated regulation relating to the research, sale, distribution and use of pesticides is implemented and overseen by the Pesticide Control Service
Pesticide Inspection Report Form – SMR 9

Geraghty Consulting is a registered member of the Irish Agricultural Supply Industry Standards(IASIS Ltd).  Members provide professional instruction, advice, and recommendations on the use of agri-chemicals. They also undertake a programme of Continuous Professional Education(CPE) to keep updated on latest  legislative and technical developments relating to the use of pesticides.  
Agri-Chemical Record Sheet 2012-2013
Triple Rinse Practice Guide
Your Steps to Chemical Safety