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Irish Agricultural Policy
Irish agricultural policy is largely guided by the European Union(EU) Common Agricultural Policy(CAP). The EU further supports the principle of subsidiarity were locally and regionally appropriate measures are implemented by National Government agencies.
Budget 2012 – Agricultural Taxation Measures
Factsheet on Irish Agriculture 2012
Food Harvest 2020 – Summary Report
Food Harvest 2020 – Full Report

Europe – Common Agricultural Policy(CAP)
Born out of the Treaty of Rome the CAP has frequently been criticised for its rigidity but the policy has undergone constant change over the past two decades in particular. Reform of the CAP for the period 2014-2020 is being discussed and negotiated and it is hoped to reach agreement before the end of June 2013 when the term of the Irish Presidency ends.
The latest update on Council agreements reached is here CAP Reform Update 280313

Further information on background to the reforms and negotiations is given in the documents below.
CAP Declaration – Paris 2010
The CAP towards 2020 – EU Council Conclusions
ECAF Position Paper on CAP 2020

Decisions on Coupled Protein Aid and Cap Greening Measures (2nd July 2014)