Soil Organic Matter

On continuous tillage land soil organic matter (SOM) levels have decreased by up to fifty per cent in the last twenty-five years. Excessive cultivation reduces soil organic matter levels and ultimately costs farmers money through depleted soil fertility, poorer soil structure, and lower water holding capacity. Geraghty Consulting has been promoting and encouraging better soil management practices long before official legislation was introduced. Now in Ireland, under the Cross Compliance system, land that has been cultivated for six years or more must be tested for Soil Organic Matter(SOM) between 2010 and 2011. Remedial action has to be taken in fields where SOM levels have fallen below 3.4% or Soil Organic Carbon(SOC) has fallen below 2.0%.
Geraghty Consulting are approved members of the Farm Advisory System in Ireland. We can draw up Department approved soil organic matter plans for farmers that will ensure improved SOM levels over time. The latest international soil assessment techniques and farm practices are encouraged that will improve and build soil organic matter levels.

Soil Organic Matter Guidance