Cross Compliance

Farmers that receive a payment under the Single Payment Scheme must comply with various directives and regulations which have been introduced under EU legislation. The system is known as Cross Compliance.

One regulation requires that farmland be kept in Good Agicultural and Environmental Condition(GAEC). Other regulations on land maintenance, the environment, animal health, plant health, animal welfare and are called Statutory Management Requirements(SMRs). The 18 SMRs are:

SMR 1 – Conservation of Wild Birds
SMR 2 – Protection of Groundwater
SMR 3 – Sludge
SMR 4 – Nitrates
SMR 5 – Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Flora and Fauna
SMR 6, 7, 8 & 8a – Identification and Registration of Animals (Bovine, Ovine, Porcine)
SMR 9 – Plant Protection Products (Pesticides)
SMR 10 – Hormones
SMR 11 – Food Hygiene
SMR 12 – Feed
SMR 13 – Foot and Mouth
SMR 14 – Swine Vesicular Disease
SMR 15 – Bluetongue
SMR 16 – Animal Welfare (Calves)
SMR17 – Animal Welfare (Pigs)
SMR18 – Animal Welfare (General)

We assist our clients with Cross Compliance regulations, adherence to GAEC and SMRs, and other requirements such as the Soil Organic Matter initiative.