European Conservation Agriculture Federation(ECAF)
The ECAF is a federation of 15 national associations throughout Europe that promote conservation agriculture and encourage adoption support from their respective national goverments. ECAF contribute to international conferences on CA and, from time to time, publish papers relating to conservation agriculture and its contribution to sustainable agriculture and an enhanced environment. 
Position Paper on CAP 2020
No-Tillage in Europe – State of the Art

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EU Commission and the EU Joint Research Centre
Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Conservation(SoCo Project)
The SoCo project ran from 2006-2009 and was conducted by the EU Commission on the request of the EU Parliament. The overall objectives of the project were:
(i) to improve the understanding of soil conservation practices in agriculture and their links with other environmental objectives;
(ii) to analyse how farmers can be encouraged, through appropriate policy measures, to adopt soil conservation practices; and
(iii) to make this information available to relevant stakeholders and policy makers in an EU-wide context.
A series of Fact Sheets were produced as follows: 
Fact Sheet 1: Soil Degradation, Farming Practices & Policy Measures
Fact Sheet 2: Water Erosion and Compaction
Fact Sheet 3: Organic Matter Decline
Fact Sheet 4: Salinisation and Sodification
Fact Sheet 5: Conservation Agriculture
Fact Sheet 6: Soil Friendly Tillage Practices
Fact Sheet 7: Soil Friendly Farm Infrastructure
Fact Sheet 8: GAEC Requirements
Fact Sheet 9: Agri-environment Measures
Fact Sheet 10: Advisory Services

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Conservation Agriculture and Farmbirds in Europe
Significant research evidence exists about the positive impact that CA can have on the species and population of different farmbirds. Unfortunately various lobby groups across the EU remain blissfully unaware about the positive impact minimum soil disturbance, permanent soil cover and crop rotations and cover crops could have on the very bird species they seek to protect. Have a look at some of the research findings:
CA and Farmland Birds – Europe
CA and Farmland Birds – Hungary
CA and Farmland Birds – UK

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